Cross-sell / related items

The availability of cross-selling and up-selling functionality on websites, has been shown to improve the revenue performance of websites typically by 15% or more.

Locayta understands the relationship between products, using information about the product itself to recommend similar or related products.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® also understands the relationship between products at a user behaviour level (based on what the user has viewed, added to basket or purchased etc) to make product recommendations.

Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations can be made available to your customers at any point in their journey on your site, including: the home page; the search results page; the product description page; add to basket and check-out.

User behaviour is tracked in real-time, with cross and up-sell recommendations changing dynamically in response to changes in the products themselves and to changes in user behaviour.

The effect is immediate, and results in increased conversion rates and higher average order values.