Locayta Balance Factor®

In certain situations, neither text relevance or sorting by a field produces the best solution for displaying the most relevant search results. For such cases, Locayta has developed a balancing technology that allows search results to be skewed by other metrics such as popularity or profit margin etc.

Using Locayta Balance Factor® in search, effectively allows you to control the sequencing of search results and to boost certain products to the top of the search results list based on the metrics that are important to you.

The amount by which results are skewed can also be controlled using a "Balance Factor"  which is a percentage value between 0% (results are not skewed) and 100% (results are skewed).

As well as popularity and profit margin, other site metrics that can be used with Balance Factor include: newness to site, highest rated, stock availability and sale velocity or any other metric that you can provide. 

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