Locayta FAQs

Who is Locayta® and what do you do?

Locayta is a software company, operating as a SaaS, providing advanced online Search and Merchandising solutions to eCommerce businesses.

What is Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®?

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is the search and merchandising platform that underpins Locayta's product offering. Architected with 5 layers of functionality, the platform offers a collective intelligence approach to online merchandising, with behavioural, metrics, search, visual and personalised merchandising capability. Each layer of functionality is designed to improve your customer's online experience, increase online sales performance and enhance business management visibility.

Click here to see Locayta platform architecture.

How do you implement Freestyle Merchandising®?

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is simple and easy to implement. Clients can either use the full five layers or customise the platform to meet their needs, by choosing any number of the 5 layers of functionality. As the client's objectives change, another layer can be activated or manipulated by the client via Locayta's user friendly Control Panel. Integrating Freestyle Merchandising into your existing system is simple, requiring light Javascript and simple HTML tags attached to your web pages.

What is the history and ownership of Locayta?

Established since 2002, Locayta originally specialised in developing online search solutions. Today, Locayta provides search and merchandising solutions to online retailers in the UK and US. Locayta is owned by the company Chairman, CEO, members of staff, and external individuals.

Where are Locayta's offices?

Locayta have offices in the UK and the USA. For more information please see Contact Us.

Do you have a Partner Program? 

Not formally, but we do work informally with a number of partners. Please Contact Us if you are interested in partnering with Locayta.

For any other enquiries please Contact Us.