Why use Locayta?

Locayta, established since 2002, provides the next generation eCommerce search and merchandising solution through it's unique Freestyle Merchandising® platform. Locayta offers online businesses the opportunity to take total control over their online sales performance.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® is one of the most technically advanced online search and merchandising solutions available, serving more than one hundred leading eCommerce customers worldwide.

Locayta's business benefits include:

  • Locayta, unlike many other merchandising solutions, operates as an integrated marketing tool, operating from one single control panel. This reduces the need to outsource to third parties, delivering increased operational efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Locayta's SaaS business model, provides continuous professional client support and the flexibility to tailor solutions to the client's changing needs.
  • Locayta focuses on providing the best features and functionality to achieve the clients objectives, so the client can focus on their business.
  • Locayta Freestyle Merchandising provides greater speed, accuracy and tailored results for the end customer, increasing purchase probability.
  • Locayta's flexible design enables easy functionality configuration by the client, giving the client total control of their online sales performance.
  • Locayta offers a flexible pricing model that enables access to online businesses of all sizes and budgets.
  • Freestyle Merchandising delivers immediate sales performance results, with a positive effect on conversion rates, average order values, average revenue per visit, higher retention rates, and increased customer satisfaction with reduced clicks to purchase.