Managing Brand Adjacency with Locayta

Locayta solves the brand adjacency problem that many retailers face in a multi-brand environment.

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® includes brand adjacency functionality for those retailers who have a requirement to manage the deployment of branded products on their retail site. This might be as simple as keeping products belonging to one brand together on the web-page; or it may involve keeping certain brands apart from each other.

The Locayta Balance Factor® technology allows retailers to determine the sequencing of products on any page. The brand adjacency function is used in conjunction with Balance Factor, on a dynamic real-time basis (i.e. taking account of stock levels etc.) to enable retailers to set rules about where brands appear in relation to each other. 

The brand adjacency function is an integrated part of the Freestyle Merchandising® and works in conjunction with other functions such as:

Whatever the requirement, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising can provide brand adjacency functionality to help retailers to manage the deployment of brands on their site.