5 Layers of Merchandising

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® combines 5 layers of Merchandising to powerful effect. Retailers can choose from any combination of the 5 layers to achieve a completely customised merchandising implementation for their retail site.

For those retailers looking for a simple implementation, Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® can provide behavioural and metrics-driven merchandising. Once Locayta has been configured for your site, these layers can be left to run automatically without any further intervention by the retailer.

For those retailers looking for more advanced merchandising, Locayta provides a Visual Merchandising module and Search-driven merchandising options; together with a rules engine for those retailers looking to implement website personalisation and other custom merchandising strategies.

Freestyle Merchandising® is managed via a control panel that enables retailers and publishers to view and manage merchandising content within the context of the page on which it appears.  

Platform Architecture

What this means

Locayta Freestyle Merchandising is a software framework controlled by a rules engine, into which various software components can be integrated and interact with each other.

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The reverse order of the software stack shown in the diagram above, indicates an increasing level of sophistication and customisation of functionality as you progress up the stack.

For example, Behavioural Merchandising and Metrics-driven Merchandising represent functionality that can be configured, switched-on and left to run in completely automatic-mode. However, functionality such as Search and Visual Merchandising, can be configured and customised to an almost infinite extent, allowing the retailer to completely tailor the system to the needs of their site.

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