Locayta Search Mobile - FAQs

Which platforms does Locayta Search Mobile support?

Locayta Search Mobile is available for the iOS platform. The iOS platform supports the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices.

Does Locayta Search Mobile require an Internet connection?

No. Locayta Search Mobile is an embedded full text search engine, distributed as a native library for iOS development. Search indexes are stored, updated and queried on the device itself, for optimal performance.

Are there any performance benchmarks?

Typical queries have been shown to return within hundredths of a second on an 4th Generation iPod Touch, and within thousandths of a second on an iPad 2. The search engine can return results matching 50,000 documents (regardless of total documents in the index) within 1 second.

We have more performance data in our technical wiki.

What advantages does Locayta Search Mobile have over other search technologies?

Locayta is different from most search engines in that it is a statistical model that uses formal mathematical definitions to index data that understands the statistical importance of the words being used in the search query.

When Locayta indexes data, it uses information about the distribution of terms within a data-set to create a weighting system that automatically applies weights to the ranking of search results. Locayta will return an item as being the most relevant, when it contains a high density of terms that are considered uncommon in the data-set as whole.

What support do you offer?

Technical support is provided on a best efforts basis for non-commercial use via email. For commercial use, please get in touch with us here.

How much does it cost?

The Software is free of charge to use for development and testing. Thereafter, you will need to acquire a Software Distribution Licence, which is free of charge for non-commercial use or $1,000 one-time charge per published iOS application for commercial use applications.

How is it licensed?

The licensing for Locayta Search Mobile is covered by the Software Licence Agreement and the Software Distribution Agreement. In summary, the Software can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Non-commercial use refers to iOS applications that are free to download and do not carry any form of 3rd party advertising or sponsorship. All other forms of applications shall be deemed to be for commercial use and shall be subject to the fees levied for commercial use of the Software.

How do I request a distribution license?

Please contact sales by phone, email or website form via the Contact Us page.

Where are the API docs?

The API documents are packaged with the SDK download. You can also read them online at http://doc.lsmobile.locayta.com/.

Are there code samples and/or recipes available?

Code samples are included in the API documentation's overview pages. We also have placed the code for the Locayta Notes app, which uses the Locayta Search Mobile API, on github.

Additionally, we have a public Locayta Search Mobile developer wiki for finding and contributing technical FAQs, code samples, and other information.

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