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I wondered if you would be willing to give me 5 minutes of your time to complete the 11 questions listed below. We plan to publish some analysis based on the anonymous collated results of this survey but your individual responses will be kept confidential.  

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Question 1:

What eCommerce trade shows do you plan to attend over the next 12 months?

Question 2:

What eCommerce platforms(s) do you currently use?

Question 3:

What eCommerce platform(s) might you investigate in the next 12 months?

(Please select at least one.)

Question 4:

What areas of eCommerce functionality do you intend to improve over the next 12 months?

(Please select at least one.)

Question 5:

In which countries do you currently have an online presence?

In which countries do you plan to launch within the next 12 months?

Question 6:

Has customer satisfaction ever been a problem? How do you plan to address that?

Question 7:

In what ways do you offer customers a personalised experience of your site?

Question 8:

Are you ever concerned that promotions on your site are not individually targeted? What do you plan to do about that?

Question 9:

Do you sometimes need to respond more quickly to competitors' online activities and promotions? What would you like to do about that?

Question 10:

Is the order in which products appear on your category pages important? How do you manage that at the moment?

Question 11:

What terms do you tend to search for on Google when you are researching suppliers/vendors in the eCommerce/Merchandising space?

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About Locayta

Locayta is a software as a service business, providing critical functionality to retailers' eCommerce sites such as visual merchandising, product recommendations and site search. Our clients include: Tesco clothing, Superdry, Boohoo, Paperchase, Laura Ashley and Nectar.

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