Visual Merchandising


Most retailers will be familiar with the concept of visual merchandising to create engaging product displays and compelling promotions. The challenge to the web retailer in bringing the same effectiveness to the eCommerce world is very significant.

The Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® platform, provides a very powerful but flexible way of delivering retail visual merchandising on an eCommerce site. Locayta's visual merchandising functionality can be configured to be completely automatic and dynamic, or can work in conjunction with manual merchandising by the retailer.

Visual merchandising can be as simple as driving the display of visual elements on a given page. A more sophisticated use of visual merchandising would be for Freestyle Merchandising® to determine the sequencing of products displayed on a category page using the Locayta Balance Factor® technology.

An important component of Locayta's visual merchandising is the Balance Factor functionality, which weights site metrics data (such as margin, stock availability, newness to site and popularity etc) to determine the sequencing of products displayed on the page. 

Configuration settings for the visual merchandising Balance Factor can be accessed and amended via the Locayta control panel, which provides an extremely easy to use and flexible way of implementing Visual Merchandising on a retail site.

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