Locayta M-Commerce

Mobile shopping app

Locayta M-Commerce is a click-to-buy iPhone shopping application that retailers can deploy as a quick and cost effective way to extend their online presence.

Using the Locayta M-Commerce application, consumers can browse and search the retailer’s product catalogue, as well as view the product detail page, add items to a wish-list and add or remove items to a checkout basket. When consumers are ready to purchase, their checkout basket is automatically transferred to the checkout page on the retailer’s eCommerce site.

Locayta M-Commerce is made possible through an innovative web-service developed by Locayta which stores and indexes the product data independently from the retailer’s site.

The shopping application queries the web-service directly and so doesn't require any changes to the main eCommerce site, yet it supports the full merchandising feature-set of Locayta Freestyle Merchandising®.

By providing a virtual retail store on the iPhone platform, Locayta M-Commerce offers an innovative way to create additional sales channels and increase the reach of online retailers.

Locayta M-Commerce is highly configurable and customisable, supporting a range of templates and multiple landing pages. It is quick and easy to implement and doesn't require any changes to the retailer's eCommerce site.

Locayta M-Commerce is deployed with a control panel, with the configurable parameters for the application editable, including which products from the catalogue are included within the application.

Locayta M-Commerce would be ideal for those retailers looking to implement a quick win without requiring changes to their main retail sites.