Locayta Behavioural Algorithms

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Locayta Freestyle Merchandising® uses behavioural merchandising algorithms to provide recommendations in real-time based on users’ behaviour on your site. Freestyle Merchandising® can provide both generic recommendations based on the collective intelligence of the site, as well as more personalised recommendations based on an individual’s past and present behaviour.

Locayta tracks user actions on your site, using a “weighted user-journey” algorithm to associate weights for each user action - e.g. Viewed, Searched for, Added to basket and Checked-out.

This means that recommendations are based on what has been searched for, viewed, added to basket and purchased by the user in relation to both that users’ previous actions and the actions of all the other users of the site.

Recommendations are constantly updated, so actions such as viewing, adding to basket and purchasing, will affect recommendations on your site in real-time.

Using the Control Panel, clients can change the weighting system, to raise the importance of any one of these actions – e.g. you might want to promote an expensive high margin item that is viewed but seldom purchased.

The Weighted User Journey algorithm can be implemented to provide the following Behavioural Recommendations:

  • Users who bought X bought Y
  • Users who added X to their basket also added Y to their basket
  • Users who viewed X also viewed Y
  • People who arrived here having searched for X bought Y
  • Top viewed
  • Top added to basket
  • Top purchases