Locayta Product Accessory Recommendations

80% of online shopping decisions are affected by product recommendations. Now, Locayta is taking cross-selling to a new level with our accessories search function, designed to make product recommendations more relevant than ever before.

Locayta product recommendations and Locayta Balance Factor® technology allow websites to respond intelligently to consumer profiles in real time. They apply collective and individual data on user preferences to recommend complementary products whilst your consumers shop. You have the control to sequence the order in which recommendations appear, enabling you to push your priority products.

The accessories algorithm builds on this technology by selecting specific accessories matched to the products your users are viewing. If they're looking for an iPod, for example, the technology will select all the accessories that could be  used with that core product – such as speakers, docking pads and headphones. When the shopper views their basket these accessories are clearly displayed, tempting them to pick up those extra items at the same time.

As with all our product recommendation tools, accessories recommendations can be filtered by any type of attribute, including size, price range, colour, new in, and many more. The technology is easy to configure and totally flexible to your site's requirements. Most importantly, the algorithms are behaviour-responsive, enabling your site to analyse consumer behaviour according to what they are searching for and adapt your accessory recommendations accordingly.

The result is a smooth, relevant experience for users that will help to convert them into regular loyal customers who know they can depend on your site to find what they need. That means increased order value and sales revenue for you and growth for your business. View a demo of Locayta accessories today and join the likes of Tesco, Boohoo, Nectar and Paperchase in maximising online sales with ease.