Boohoo launches new site, one of the top ten online retailers in the UK, needed a merchandising and site search solution to support the launch of their new site, that would allow them to effectively personalise the way they merchandise products to their different audience segments.

Boohoo chose Venda as the eCommerce platform provider for their new site and having looked at a number of alternatives, chose Locayta Freestyle Merchandising as the online merchandising and site search solution for the new site.

Locayta was chosen because it offered the combination of a robust, dynamic and scalable architecture, together with an extremely flexible implementation; enabling Boohoo to personalise their merchandising operations, to a high degree. Our solution also offered Boohoo Locayta's fast, accurate and effective Search engine.

The key deliverables identified included advanced guided navigation for visual merchandising, behavioural recommendations and rules based merchandising functionality.

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Freestyle Merchandising delivered on all of these requirements providing the following features:

  • Customized facets: a feature to enhance the ‘searchability’ of relevant products defined by the customer’s search. The facets define the navigation panel for the best visual merchandising display of search results . This includes and is not limited too; refining by category (for example- clearance items), colour (for example- by colour swatches), size, and a price slider, to further refine the search, finding the optimal product for your customer.
  • Complex interactive templates: a feature that enables customers to preview product options instantly, for example, by colour and fabric type without navigating away from page. This feature enables the customer to further refine their selected product and visualize the product they want. This feature is accessible throughout the shopping experience, making the online shopping experience hassle free, fun and easy. 
  • Dynamic user based recommendations: a feature that is based on either a collective and/or individual customer’s user behavior to generate relevant product recommendations. For example, a ‘recently viewed’ display of product items can be presented based on similar past search results with a “users who viewed this viewed that” approach, or ‘stylist recommendations’ that assist pushing specific products. Used as a value-add service for online retailers, this feature assists customers to find what they are looking for and adds expertise, increasing the probability of purchase and additional purchases.
  • Rules based merchandising: a feature enabled by Locayta's control panel. The control panel controls search results based on customized rules via a field weighting system. For example, search results can be skewed by stock levels or timing (daily or seasonal for example). This feature enables online retailers to take control over their online sales performance, with the ability to skew search results to achieve their objective.

The features offered by Locayta, have assisted online retailers like to increase their site searchability and product findability for their online customers.  The result for online retailers include less clicks to purchase, increased online purchases, improved customer satisfaction and retention  and greater control over their online sales performance.

The key deliverables identified included advanced guided navigation for visual merchandising, behavioural recommendations and rules based merchandising functionality

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