The British Museum Company 

Serving a global audience of tourists, enthusiasts and experts, the British Museum Company plays a vital role in generating revenue for separate registered charity the British Museum. Achieving a streamlined online shopping experience is no mean feat given the diverse array of gifts, memorabilia, membership and ticketing options the British Museum Company offers. 

This year sees the relaunch of the brand's online store, with Locayta Freestyle Merchandising offering enhanced product recommendation capabilities opportunities across the site.

Ecommerce Manager Fabrice Druelle is impressed with Locayta's unique combination of product recommendation, merchandising and search functionality. “Locayta offered us a tool we simply couldn't find elsewhere” he confirms. 

“In the past we were under using the platform, but now we are planning to develop the system's capabilities as part of our future plans. We have re-skinned our site to enhance the use of product recommendations and give visitors a whole new look and feel with maximised product placement and cross-selling potential.”

Fabrice particularly values Locayta's ability to handle the British Museum Company's complex merchandising set up. “It's a very usable platform. The dashboard is simple to get to grips with and you can really play with the technology” he says. “It's totally adaptable to our product range and Locayta are very keen to collaborate on further developments. It's a case of simply picking up the phone and suggesting amendments. They go out of their way to add our ideas to their portfolio. All you have to do is ask and Locayta are right there to help.” 

Having seen what Locayta can achieve Fabrice is keen to optimise the system's capabilities. “Currently we're probably using about 15% of what Locayta can really do. I would like to see that grow to 80%. We're gearing up to tap into the system's true potential and we hope to roll out the full merchandising and search platform in the new fiscal year. We have truly engaged with Locayta. We enjoy the personal relationship as well as the power of the technology. It's an exciting time.”

Locayta offered us a unique tool we simply couldn't find elsewhere

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